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iPhone Mail Lesson – How to Mark as Read or Unread & How to Flag Messages

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In this lesson, a preview of my new app which teaches you how to use the iPhone with easy video lessons, we take a look at how to do the following in the iPhone Mail app: mark a message as read, mark a message as unread, flagging a message, and how to do all of the above with multiple emails at once.

My iPhone course app is currently being reviewed by Apple for inclusion in the App Store. An earlier version was in the store but I had to pull it and re-submit it at Apple’s request (long story) and the new version should be available soon.

You can already find the Basic Computer Training & Tips app for iPad & iPhone is in the App Store by using the link, or you can search for my name — Worth Godwin — in iTunes on your computer or in both the iTunes app and the App Store app on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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