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Answering Question – Where is the FaceTime App on iPhone

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I was sent a question by a student in Canada named Judy who already had an iPad but just got an iPhone as well.  She wrote:

“I lost the face time icon. I went to settings and it says I have it, but it’s not on my screen. I hope you know the answer to this.


My response:

FaceTime ™ of course is Apple’s video chat technology built into current iPhone and iPad models.

Unlike the iPad, iPhones do not have a separate app for FaceTime.  To make a FaceTime call you need to go into the Phone app and select a contact from Contacts or Favorites.

Once you’re looking at the person’s details, towards the bottom of the screen is a FaceTime button, but only if they are capable of receiving a FaceTime call, AND you have the right info in their address book entry.  This would either need to be their iPhone’s number, OR if they’re using FaceTime on an iPad or a Mac, the email address they registered with Apple to use with FaceTime.

Basically the Phone app checks automatically to see if it can find a match for either the phone number or email address and shows the FaceTime button if it seems to apply.

The other thing you can do is place a normal phone call and while you’re on the phone, again if you’re talking to someone and they’re on an iPhone, it should show a FaceTime button with the video camera icon. Tapping this would let you switch from a phone call to a FaceTime video call.

Keep in mind that FaceTime also requires both people to be connected to Wi-Fi and not just the cell phone network, although this is changing when iOS 6 is released in the fall.

I have made a note to do a more detailed FaceTime lesson for my iPhone tutorial app (there’s already a lesson on FaceTime in the iPad tutorial app).  I’ll be updating both apps with new lessons in August.

I hope that helps!


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