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How to Upload Photos to Shutterfly from iPhone

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I got a question from a student named Barry who wanted to know how to upload photos to the photo service Shutterfly.

He didn’t say in his email, but he may have tried to go to the company’s website to upload the photos and found he couldn’t do so from the phone the way he could from a computer.

Generally speaking, websites and web services where you upload photos or other types of files will usually require you to use their app (if they have one) to upload to them. This is because on an iPhone, iPads, etc. you don’t have a way of “browsing for files” the way you do on a computer.

It’s just a difference in the way Apple decided to have iOS work which can make things simpler for people, but it can cause you to run into this kind of an issue. The solution is to get their app instead of using the web browser.

Fortunately for Barry, Shutterfly has a free app in the App Store which you can grab for yourself with the link.

If you run into a similar problem trying to use a website or service through your phone, my suggestion is to search the App Store and see if there’s an app.

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