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How to Use the Scientific Calculator in the iPhone Calculator App

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I received a question from a student named Jerry who wrote:

“How do I access my scientific calculator as part of the regular calculator?”

My response:


It’s very easy — just turn the iPhone on its side. The phone should detect you’ve rotated it and will give you the portrait view.

Whenever I am trying an app out for the first time, I like to rotate the phone (or iPad) to see what happens¬† — some apps give you the same basic information fit to either the portrait or the landscape view, others like the Calculator give you much different options in landscape view.

I hope that helps, and thanks for being a student!
You can view my video lesson that gives an overview of the Calculator App in the iPhone tutorial app by launching the app then tapping “iPhone lessons”, then tap “Apps From Apple” and you’ll find the calculator right near the top of the (alphabetical) list.

Note: the overview of the Calculator App doesn’t look at the scientific calculator functions since not that many people have a need for a scientific calculator.¬† However, if students would like me to do a lesson on that part of the Calculator App, just let me know with the built-in “Ask iPhone Question” option in my tutorial app.


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