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I received a question from a student named Jerry who wrote:

“How do I access my scientific calculator as part of the regular calculator?”

My response:


It’s very easy — just turn the iPhone on its side. The phone should detect you’ve rotated it and will give you the portrait view.

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I was sent a question from a student named Virginia who wanted to know if she could use iCloud on her computer, even though it wasn’t made by Apple.

Is it possible? Yes, it is, but you need special software which you can download for free.

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How to download Basic Tips for iPhone, my app that teaches you how to use the iPhone in quick & easy video lessons. Many people don’t know how to install apps or use the App Store. Watch the video below to see step-by-step how to use the store to get this iPhone training app today:

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In this lesson, a preview of my new app which teaches you how to use the iPhone with easy video lessons, we take a look at how to print from the iPhone

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I regularly answer computer questions on my computer training podcast (also available on iTunes or my basic computer training blog), but since this question was asked about someone’s phone, I figured I’d also post the audio lesson here.

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