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In this audio lesson I’ll be answering a question from someone who has an iPhone and is annoyed by the fact that their phone downloads emails they’ve already read on their computer.

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“Currently it downloads the last 50 emails, whether I’ve already read them or not. I only want to see new ones on the iPhone. How can I configure this?”

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June 9 Update on iPhone Training App

Just wanted to post a quick update here so it appears in the recent updates section of my how to use the iPhone app.

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As I’ve posted before, the Video Training Course for iPhone has been approved in the App Store.  This is my 153+ video lesson course on how to use the iPhone and iPod Touch – in this video I’ll give you a quick look so you can see how you can use the app to get more out of your iPhone

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I am very pleased to announce that after what seems like forever, my Easy Video Lesson Course For iPhone is now available in the App Store!

The app shows you step-by-step how to use the iPhone (or iPod Touch since they’re 90% the same to use) with the same style of easy video lessons I’ve been using to teach computers for years now.

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St. Patrick’s Day iPhone How-To Update

The iPhone course app is still under review by Apple. In the mean time, I’ve replaced a couple of problem videos I found with better copies. I’ve also re-edited the “Setup & Sync” videos (covering using iTunes on the computer to sync your iPhone, sync settings, etc.) with zoomed-in versions better formatted for mobile screens, and reconverted them in higher resolution for those viewing the lessons on iPads.

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iPhone Training Course App Submitted to Apple

I was up late last night finishing up & submitting my how to use the iPhone course app to Apple and it’s now in the queue. I’m hoping it will be accepted quickly; I’ve put a LOT of long hours into the lessons & the app development and I think it will help people. *crosses fingers*

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Nearly Ready to Publish My iPhone App

I’m currently working on the final phase of my “how to use the iPhone” app before submitting it to Apple in the next couple of days.


In this easy video lesson I’m going to show you the basics of how to use folders on the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.

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I regularly answer computer questions on my computer training podcast (also available on iTunes or my basic computer training blog), but since this question was asked about someone’s phone, I figured I’d also post the audio lesson here.

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In this first iPhone How To video lesson I’ll show you the steps for how to set up email on your iPhone or iPod Touch — this video shows you the steps if you use one of the “big name” email providers that Apple provides presets for, such as MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL (MS Exchange works differently and is not covered here).  I will post a separate video on setting up iPhone email that you’ll want to watch if you use an “other” email provider such as the one provided by your ISP.

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