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Quick & Easy Video iPhone Tips, Tricks & How-To's in Plain English by Worth Godwin

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Basic Tips for iPhone, my app that teaches you how to use the iPhone in quick & easy video lessons is now available in the App Store. Watch the video below to see a tour of what you get in the app and how it works:

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As I’ve posted before, the Video Training Course for iPhone has been approved in the App Store.  This is my 153+ video lesson course on how to use the iPhone and iPod Touch – in this video I’ll give you a quick look so you can see how you can use the app to get more out of your iPhone

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I am very pleased to announce that after what seems like forever, my Easy Video Lesson Course For iPhone is now available in the App Store!

The app shows you step-by-step how to use the iPhone (or iPod Touch since they’re 90% the same to use) with the same style of easy video lessons I’ve been using to teach computers for years now.

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iPhone Training Course App Submitted to Apple

I was up late last night finishing up & submitting my how to use the iPhone course app to Apple and it’s now in the queue. I’m hoping it will be accepted quickly; I’ve put a LOT of long hours into the lessons & the app development and I think it will help people. *crosses fingers*

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