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I received a question from a student named Jerry who wrote:

“How do I access my scientific calculator as part of the regular calculator?”

My response:


It’s very easy — just turn the iPhone on its side. The phone should detect you’ve rotated it and will give you the portrait view.

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Basic Tips for iPhone, my app that teaches you how to use the iPhone in quick & easy video lessons is now available in the App Store. Watch the video below to see a tour of what you get in the app and how it works:

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In this lesson, a preview of my new app which teaches you how to use the iPhone with easy video lessons, we take a look at how to print from the iPhone

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As I’ve posted before, the Video Training Course for iPhone has been approved in the App Store.  This is my 153+ video lesson course on how to use the iPhone and iPod Touch – in this video I’ll give you a quick look so you can see how you can use the app to get more out of your iPhone

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I am very pleased to announce that after what seems like forever, my Easy Video Lesson Course For iPhone is now available in the App Store!

The app shows you step-by-step how to use the iPhone (or iPod Touch since they’re 90% the same to use) with the same style of easy video lessons I’ve been using to teach computers for years now.

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iPhone Training Course App Submitted to Apple

I was up late last night finishing up & submitting my how to use the iPhone course app to Apple and it’s now in the queue. I’m hoping it will be accepted quickly; I’ve put a LOT of long hours into the lessons & the app development and I think it will help people. *crosses fingers*

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I’ve been meaning for a while now to set up a new site for a project I’ve been working on — branching out from the basic computer training I’ve been providing for years now online (part of over 15 years’ experience helping people with computers and technology).   On this site I’ll be posting on topics related to the Apple iPhone, and I’ll be sharing some of my new iPhone video tutorials.

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